• Model: Unknown (Photographer: Brad Trent)
  • Program: Photoshop CS6
  • Number of Independent Layers: 6
  • Download: Portrait Pack
  • Comments: After another long absence from portrait making, I wanted to try my hand at another in the lighter Baldur’s Gate II tones. In the few portraits I had done before this one, I had attempted to do a better job in mimicking skin tones, primarily through the use of an airbrush in complementary colors. In this case the result actually has more detail in the face than the default portraits, but I’m still happy with how much closer I’m coming to them. If only I could get the full Baldur’s Gate I style down…


Artaius Comparison



  1. This portrait is so great !
    The BG2 style is the best and Artaius is like a Bioware original portrait !
    I hope you will continue like this…
    Perhaps you could create portraits of famous characters like Aran Linvail or Viekang ?

    Thank you very much for your art.

    • The process I use to make the portraits seems to make almost everyone look good… 🙂 I hope you’re okay with the photograph being used as a base, as your use of lighting is superb. (If not, simply let me know, and I can remove it.)

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