• Model: David Gandy
  • Program: Photoshop CS6
  • Number of Independent Layers: 5
  • Download: Portrait Pack
  • Mod: Dark Side of the Sword Coast

As you engage Conchobhair in conversation, he quietly walks alongside you, peering intently at the path ahead as he speaks. Originally from Waterdeep, Conch is a member of the influential Strongblade family. Being the youngest of the four sons, he had little hope of inheriting any significant part of the family’s holdings, so he instead set out at the age of twenty to find his own fortune.

First training as a paladin, Conch felt restricted by the discipline and dreamed of personal glory. This changed during one of his treks from Waterdeep to Baldur’s Gate, where he met Fergus Ravenskill. A grizzled warrior of fifty-six, Fergus had spent most of his life on the battlefield, and he regaled Conch with tales of war and conquest as they traveled together. It was his story of an encounter with a red dragon that inspired Conch to change his life. Entreating Fergus to teach him, he spent the next six years training, even taking a position as a mercenary in the cities of the Sword Coast.

It was ill fate that brought Fergus and Conchobhair face to face with the same red dragon that the old veteran had encountered twenty years prior. Blinded in one eye from that battle, the wyrm was bent on revenge and attacked in a fury. While Conch escaped with minor wounds, Fergus perished, having suffered severe burns from the dragon’s fiery breath. Mourning the loss of his mentor, Conch swore to destroy any dragon that threatened the Realms, and to find the wyrm that murdered his friend. Despite his youthful appearance, Conch exudes a dangerous air, and you imagine he would be a deadly opponent.


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