• Model: Tom Hardy
  • Program: Photoshop CS6
  • Number of Independent Layers: 8
  • Download: Portrait Pack
  • Mod: Dark Side of the Sword Coast

When you ask about his past, Ferthgil barks at you to keep quiet, but he eventually reveals more of himself. Born to the small gold dwarf clan in the Cloudpeak Mountains, he spent his early years with his father, Breachin Trollslayer. A wandering ironsmith, Breachin plied his trade in the many small villages along the Sword Coast. When he met an unfortunate end, defending his son from a patrol of verbeeg, Ferthgil wandered for several lonely days through the mountains, clutching his father’s axe.

Gulmoth Stonehearth, an Alaghor (priest) of Clanggedin Silverbeard, discovered the young dwarf, half-starved and exhausted. Looking past the anger in Ferthgil, Gulmoth sensed quiet strength and nobility—and the potential for greatness. Gulmoth trained the lad at Stonehearth Keep, where Ferthgil learned to channel his rage in the service of the God of War. Having inherited his father’s wanderlust, however, Ferthgil eventually left the safety and seclusion of the dwarven haven, and returned to the Sword Coast before meeting Tearlac, of Clan Truehammer. A true friend and lifelong companion, Tearlac provided Ferthgil with a sense of belonging and purpose, and Ferthgil was soon informally adopted by the clan.

Though he strikes you as being a typical dwarf, as quick-tempered as his kin, Ferthgil has used his training to channel his rage against the enemies of Clanggedin. For those who have never witnessed him in battle, the change is startling. Furiously wielding his axe, Ferthgil transforms into a mighty adversary, and his battle cries are said to reach the ears of Clanggedin himself in Arcadia.


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