• Model: Unknown
  • Program: Photoshop CS6
  • Number of Independent Layers: 4
  • Download: Portrait Pack
  • Mod: Dark Side of the Sword Coast

Jet’laya quietly speaks of her family when you engage her in conversation, and her sad story belies her inner strength. In his youth, her father Torvin met Lennan, the elf she later knew as her “uncle.” A noble of Cormanthor, Lennan had defied his family’s wishes by leaving his homeland in search of danger and excitement. As they shared adventures spanning the lengths of Faerûn, Torvin saved his friend’s life more than a few times, and Lennan later invited him to return with him to the fabled elven city.

It was there that Torvin met Jet’laya’s mother, a healer, and fell in love with her. Although he was accepted in Cormanthor due to the support of Lennan and his father, Torvin and his new bride lived near the edge of the forest, avoiding the stares and harsh words of the traditionalists. After having a daughter, the eldest of the children, they received the gift of twins with Jet’laya and her brother.

Their peaceful existence was shattered when Jet’laya and her brother were six. Led by a young, brash vampire, a horde of undead attacked the city. While the elves defended the city, throwing their strength against the throng, Jet’laya’s parents hid the children away and defended their home. Though the attackers were utterly destroyed, no trace of the vampire was found, and the casualties numbered in the dozens, including Jet’laya’s parents.

Since that day, she claims to have had continual nightmares, having witnessed the violent deaths of her parents through the floorboards. Despite the protestations of her brother and uncle, Jet’laya dedicated herself to martial training, learning to combat the undead. Upon completing her studies, she left Cormanthor, seeking word of the mysterious vampire who had led the attack.


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