• Model: Unknown (Parikmaxer TV)
  • Program: Photoshop CS6
  • Number of Independent Layers: 6
  • Download: Portrait Pack
  • Mod: Drystan & Lyanna NPCs
  • Mod Author: Rhaella
  • Available at: Forthcoming

When asked about her past, Lyanna shrugs and explains that it is a long and not entirely pleasant tale. She is somewhat reticent with the details of her early life, though you glean that she lived in Marsember before eventually becoming a ward of the Harmonious Order. She speaks of the paladins of Milil with a certain irreverent fondness, but her words invariably become more bitter when her homeland of Cormyr comes up. You get the impression that she is glad to be away from it.


Note that this version is a revision that deviates from the mod author’s request in order to blend better with the default portraits. The original portrait used an orange skin tone to represent the character’s particular elvish heritage.

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