• Model: Reuben Cortada
  • Program: Photoshop CS6
  • Number of Independent Layers: 6
  • Download: Portrait Pack
  • Mod: Dark Side of the Sword Coast (2013 Update)

Your eyes are drawn to the intricate designs covering Morik’s scalp as he speaks to you. Born to the House of Valgon in Eltabbar, as indicated by the tattoos, Morik Quantoul claims to have been an energetic and impulsive young noble. He was the house standard bearer, appointed by his father Antek, and was tasked with security and slave expeditions. Lacking his Antek’s mastery of the arcane, Morik instead opted to attend the Hexcidon, hoping to be assigned as the personal bodyguard of a Thayan general.

Though the House of Valgon had long been respected for its skills in arcane research, its reputation and resources had suffered for years due to a feud with another noble house. A cruel, bitter old man who kept the family running in an orderly fashion, Antek was credited with reviving its fortunes by requiring each member of the household contribute to its growth. Following the birth of his great-granddaughter, Antek approached his family with renewed generosity…shortly before disappearing altogether.

Morik believes that his older brother Lee’voth had something to do with his father’s disappearance, as Lee’voth had voiced more than once that his father was getting weak and sentimental in his old age. The siblings were always at odds, and Morik knew that his brother would one day inherit the family business. Falsely charged with treason on questionable evidence, Morik fled Thay, vowing to return one day to face Lee’voth. Since that time he has worked as a slave trader, most recently in Sembia, where the Zhentarim recruited him. Paired with Jenna, he claims they have been sent to the Sword Coast as part of a routine expedition, though you suspect there is more to it than that.



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