• Model: Michael Holland
  • Program: Photoshop CS6
  • Number of Independent Layers: 5
  • Download: Portrait Pack
  • Mod: Dark Side of the Sword Coast

Thorfinn’s unusual tale makes it clear that the young warrior draws strength from his experiences. Born on the island of Ruathym, his life started badly as he was offered as a sacrifice to Umberlee to quell a series of ferocious storms. Placed on a small raft by the priestesses, he was pushed into the Trackless Sea, where the strong southern currents carried him to the Moonshae Isles. He was found by a fisherman on the island of Moray after drifting for days, and was raised by his new-found family.

Working the fishing boats in his youth, Thorfinn learned the intricacies of the sea and developed into a tall, strong man from the hard labor. At sixteen, he joined the navy with the blessings of his adopted father and began learning the art of swordplay as he defended merchant ships from pirate raids. Adept at swinging fishermen’s tools with massive strength, he soon learned to swing a sword with equal force—an ability not lost on the marauders.

Since leaving the navy several years before, Thorfinn has offered his blade as a mercenary, often protecting merchants who travel the caravan routes along the Sword Coast. On one of his recent travels, he heard tales of an iron crisis and set off toward Baldur’s Gate, seeking a wealthy benefactor who may need protection from thieves and scavengers.


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