Vihane Sodalane

  • Model: Unknown
  • Program: Photoshop CS6
  • Number of Independent Layers: 6
  • Download: Portrait Pack
  • Mod:¬†Unreleased

Vihane’s scarred lips curl into a smile as you speak to him. Born to an elven mother and human father near the Forest of Tethir, the half-elf experienced a relatively normal childhood until his thirteenth name day. Seeking to purge the borders of human influence, the Eldreth Veluuthra–a militant elvish group–attacked his family’s home. Pressing a small blade into his mother’s hand, Vihane’s father ordered them to flee and charged toward the attackers. As they ran into the forest, a single elf raced after them, gutting the boy’s mother in front of him. Vihane picked up the short sword and struck at the murderer furiously, suffering several gashes across his face before killing him.

Alone and bleeding, he wandered for two days until reaching the small settlement of Mosstone, where a priest of Waukeen treated his wounds. Taking odd jobs throughout Tethyr and Amn over the next few years, Vihane gained a reputation for his talent with a blade, as well as his keen intellect and ability to garner information. It was the latter that brought him to the attention of the Knights of the Shield, who recruited him as a spy.

Since that time, Vihane has reported to the head of the organization in Athkatla. Ordered to accompany its emissaries to Baldur’s Gate for the negotiations with the leaders of the Iron Throne, he was tasked with a more clandestine purpose: to investigate rumors that a high-ranking individual in the Iron Throne may have other motives. Hearing of your group’s encounters with them, he sought you out, hoping to discover more. However, you can’t help but wonder if he has an ulterior purpose…


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