• Model: Unknown
  • Program: Photoshop CS6
  • Number of Independent Layers: 6
  • Download: –
  • Mod: Galileo NPC
  • Mod Author: Quartz & CrevsDaak
  • Available at: N/A – Unfortunately unfinished!

When asked about his past, GALILEO appears overjoyed, as if no question could make him happier. He informs you that he was raised in Secomber, to the Northeast of the Sword Coast. He became acquainted with music experiencing open performances at an inn called The Seven-Stringed Harp, and apparently took it into his own hands to learn to play music himself. His muse is a confusing mixture of genius and madness, and GALILEO claims that it is none other than demipower Finder Wyvernspur who inspires him. However a halfling such as himself was introduced to such a deity is anyone’s guess.


One comment

  1. For what it’s worth, I still think this portrait you made for us is absolutely gorgeous.

    The mod is still unfinished — sadly, CrevsDaak, being a late teen when we started the project, started getting very busy with school and seems to have fallen off the face of the earth.

    I was the creative drive alone and have no experience with coding unfortunately! I’ve still got the GitHub lying around but the mod can’t be finished by me. I’m sorry about that!

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