• Model: Eric Morzaluk
  • Program: Photoshop CS6
  • Number of Independent Layers: 3/7 (Alternate)
  • Download: –
  • Mod: Drystan & Lyanna NPCs
  • Mod Author: Rhaella
  • Available at: Forthcoming

When asked about his past, Drystan laughs and tells you that most people quickly learn to avoid giving knights of the Harmonious Order excuses to talk about themselves. Originally hailing from Cormyr, he explains that he and his wife left their homeland several years ago, hoping to see more of the world. His religious obligations do not appear to have restrained him from doing so, as he largely travels between temples of Milil, offering his services to the local priesthood. He speaks wistfully of earlier days, when he speaks of them at all, but seems quite content with the present.


Alternate (Cloak & symbol of Milil)

Drystan 2

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