Isandir (BGII Style)

  • Model: Michael Holland (NSFW!)
  • Program: Photoshop CS6
  • Number of Independent Layers: 6
  • Download: Portrait Pack
  • Comments: Being drawn back into portraits for a short time also meant beginning to play through the extended editions of both games for the first time, as I hadn’t done so previously. I wanted to use a paladin (as I virtually always do) with the eponymous portrait I had created in line with the style of the first game. That meant needing it in the style of the second game as well, and it turned out to be one of my personal favorites, as it blends in almost seamlessly with the default portraits. The one tweak I made to both was transforming him into a follower of Lathander.

Isandir BG2

Isandir Comparison


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